Current Recalls

DiCarlo is notified of all product recalls, voluntary market withdrawals and safety alerts directly from the FDA, USDA and our Vendors. DiCarlo's Recall Team immediately takes action to determine if DiCarlo products are affected. Within 4 hours of confirmation that DiCarlo products have been recalled, affected product is segregated and affected customers are contacted. 
A DiCarlo representative will notify affected customers of the recall by phone and provide instructions on the proper disposition of the product.  Customers who can not be reached by phone will be notified by mail.
The listing below identifies DiCarlo products affected by a recall posted within the last 60 days.  The listing is updated at least weekly and within 24 hours of confirmation of that a DiCarlo Product was recalled. Recalls posted after the "Last Updated" date either do not affect DiCarlo Products or are being investigated by our recall team. 
DiCarlo is NOT affected by the following Recalls
4/16/18- Egg Recall
4/16/18- Sauder's Egg Recall