New User Registration

1. When registering you will be required to submit standard company information (name, address,etc.) and an email address and an alphanumeric password.

2. Upon submission of this data you will be emailed a confirmation of your Login and Password.

3. You will use this information to log into the Retalix website to do web scheduling.

If you are approved to do web scheduling with multiple distributors, you will initially see a drop own box. This enables the user to select the distributor he or she is wishing to schedule a delivery.

5. If you are only using the system for DiCarlo scheduling, you will choose the Web Scheduling option on the subsequent screen

6. At this point you will enter the PO# and enter ADD

7. On the subsequent screen you will enter NEXT

8. Then you will see on the bottom right of the screen a box which says Submit a Request for Review.

9. Enter Date and Time

10. Enter Request Appointment

11. Verify request and then select either Request Appointment or Make Changes or Cancel

12. If you select Request Appointment, you will have the option to print the request, schedule another request or if you are done Logoff.

13. You will receive an email confirmation of the appointment.

14. Click here to start registration