Meet the Farmers

Farm to Fork is a company-wide initiative to buy locally. Our first choice is to purchase seasonal and regional produce from local farmers. The result is healthier communities and customers.

Mattituck, New York

In 1978, high school sweethearts, Ed and Monica Harbes, married young and started a new life on the family farm in Mattituck, on the North Fork of Long Island.  The family business was primarilty based on potatoes and cabbage at the time, but in the 1980's the Harbes decided to change focus, planting super sweet corn and opening up a 14'x14' gazebo as their farm stand.  This turned out to be a fortuitous choice, as today the Harbes Family Farm's corn and other produce is so highly regarded that they've been voted Best Farmstand by local media outlets like Dan's Papers and News 12 Lon

Calverton, New York

Natural Earth Farms is a naturally grown farm located in Calverton Long Island.  We are a family run naturally grown produce farm dedicated to producing the highest quality product for our customers.  

Following strict natural growing methods we have been producing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables since 2008.  We offer wholesale and retail, as well as a community supported agriculture (CSA) and farmers markets located on Long Island and New York City.

Riverhead, New York

Philip Schmitt & Son grow more than 30 types of produce, including red and green leaf lettuces, cabbage, and a variety of root vegetables. Ground-hugging leafy greens fare especially well here;

Aquebogue, New York

Wells Farm is by far the oldest continually run farm in the USA. The Wells family began farming on the North Fork in 1651 and the farmhouse in a National Historic Landmark. They grow fine quality green and yellow zucchini as well as a big variety of fall squash such as Acorn, Butternut and Spaghetti. The Wells family also is famous for their Asparagus. The farm is currently run by Lyle Wells and his son Mathew.

Jamesport, New York

Mark and Emily Zaweski both come from 4th generation farming families. Both widowed they met, fell in love and married in 2000.

They currently farm about 145 acres of land that has been continuously farmed by the Zaweski’s since the early 1800’s. They are proud growers of some of the finest green and yellow zucchini grown on Long Island. They also grow fantastic tasting Cucumbers that are harvested daily each morning. In addition they grow green peppers and cauliflower. There product hits store shelves literally hours after it is picked.

Monroeville, New Jersey

Cassaday Farms began in 1895 when an Irish immigrant and his wife moved to America and farmed a 100 acre parcel.  The farm began with chickens, eggs, and hay used basically for sustaining the Cassaday family.  It then grew to include fruits and vegetables which were harvested for the Cassaday customers.  George Cassaday Farms now have over 1,500 acres of produce. 

Vineland, New Jersey

Ferrari Farms began in 1906 when and Italian immigrant, Dionisio Ferrari, came to America and purchased 100 acres in the New Italy section of Vineland, New Jersey.  Ferrari started with sweet potatoes, peaches and pickles.  Over the generations the farm has stayed in the Ferrari family and has grown to include many more acres and a wide variety of produce.

Newfield, New Jersey

Dan Graiff Farms LLC began in the 1950’s when Dan and James Graiff’s father started farming on the land in Newfield, NJ.  The farm in now 200 acres.
Graiff Farms produces arugula, basil, dill, mint, cilantro, baby spinach and baby arugula.  They are serious about the sanitation of post harvesting since they strive to deliver a top quality and clean product. Graiff Farms uses good farming practices and is always looking for innovative ways to continue the farming process. In order to ensure cleanliness, Graiff Farms takes a total of 15 minutes to complete its post-harvest handling.

Manorville, Long Island

Lenny Bruno Farms has been a family owned and operated vegetable farm for over 80 years. Three generations of farmers have taken pride in growing some of Long Island's finest produce. The locals enjoy zucchini, peppers, eggplant and super sweet corn. The Fall season also brings cauliflower, brussel sprouts, the fall squashes, cabbage and potatoes. Come and enjoy our family's tradition!

Hammonton, New Jersey

Diamond Blueberry is the label for the blueberries harvested from Variety Farms Inc. and Bridge Ave Farms.  In 1898 Variety Farms was started on 29 acres of farmland and today has over 2150 acres of land ,of which 700 acres are dedicated to growing the highest quality blueberries.

Woolwich Township, New Jersey

In 1922, Salvatore “Sam” Maugeri and his wife moved from Sicily to Swedesboro, NJ. They worked as farm laborers for others who moved here from their hometown in Italy and eventually became sharecroppers. They saved enough money to buy their own farm in 1928 and Maugeri Farms have begun. Today the farm is run by third generation farmers Sam and Joe Maugeri. They cultivate over 600 acres of land and their harvest includes “in season” asparagus, zucchini, yellow squash, pickles, round and plum tomatoes, peppers and melons.

Avondale, Pennsylvania

MJB Mushrooms is a Local Family Owned Mushroom grower Located in the heart of Mushroom Country, Avondale PA.   MJB's Head Mushroom Grower, Steve DePaoli,  has been a Local Mushroom grower since the early 1970's .  Since MJB's inception in 1995 Steve has been responsible for providing the excellent quality Local Mushrooms MJB is known for.  Mario Basciani owner of MJB and Steve have remained as always committed to growing a top quality product for our valued customers.

Swedesboro, New Jersey

Marino Brothers farm began in the early 1900’s. They display their produce under the label “Sun Valley Orchards” and have grown into one of the largest fruit and vegetable farms in the state of New Jersey today. This 1,200 acre farm is owned and operated by the Marino family, four generations of farmers who are personally involved in every aspect of the farm. Peaches, peppers, cucumbers, eggplants, green and yellow squashes are just some of the product they harvest. Produce consistency, trust and reliability are the cornerstone of Sun Valley Orchards' success.