ItemDescriptionPack / SizeBrandGTIN / UPCB/C
    264846BARRAMUNDI FILLET 7-9OZ SKNLS BNLS      1/10 LBAUSTRALIS                               N
    264848BARRAMUNDI 7-9 OZ FILLET SKIN ON BNLS   1/10 LBAUSTRALIS      00890150002241           N
    262817CALAMARI CUT RINGS AND TENTS RED LABEL  12/2.5 LBFISHERMNS PRIDE                         N
    261907CALAMARI RINGS BREADED                  6/2 LBFISHERMNS PRIDE10046994690206           N
    246103CALAMARI RINGS DIPT’N DUSTED            32/6 OZTAMPA MAID     10025753030576           N
    262810CALAMARI RINGS ONLY DOMESTIC ATLANTIC   12/2.5 LBFISHERMNS PRIDE046994293066             N
    262899CALAMARI RINGS ONLY 10OZ TODARODES 7097 2/5 LBPANAPESCA      20614583170971           N
    246380CALAMARI SALT & PEPPER BREADED 36323    16/9 OZPHILLIPS       10070057363233           N
    261911CALAMARI TUBES & TENTS BLACK LABEL 4″-6″12/2.5 LBFISHERMNS PRIDE10046994288123           N
    261921CALAMARI TUBES & TENTS 5″-8″ TODARODES  4/2.5 LBVIAREGGIO                               N
    261916CALAMARI TUBES ONLY BLACK LABEL 407-30  10/2.5LBFISHERMNS PRIDE10046994288130           N
    261961CALAMARI TUBES ONLY THAILAND GOLD       20/2.5 LBFISHERMNS PRIDE10046994290116           N
    261914CALAMARI TUBES ONLY 4-6″ INDIAN         12/2.5 LBFISHERMNS PRIDE                         N
    261926CALAMARI TUBES ONLY 5″-8″ TODARODES     4/2.5 LBVIAREGGIO                               N
    261950CALAMARI WHOLE CLEAN TUBES TENTS GOLD   10/4.4 LBFISHRMN’S PRIDE10046994292028           N
    262800CALAMARI 4-6″ TUBE & TENT RED LABEL     12/2.5 LBFISHERMNS PRIDE046994289625             N
    262802CALAMARI 4-6″ TUBE ONLY RED LABEL       12/2.5LBFISHERMNS PRIDE30046994289633           N
    269059CAPE HAKE FILLETS 4-6OZ BNLS SKNLS      2/10 LBPACKER         10797318005731           N
    264810CATFISH 5-7OZ FILLET IQF RAW            1/15 LBPACKER         00073129217635           N
    246784CHILEAN SEA BASS 4OZ BNLS SKNLS         40/4 OZSAN ISIDRO     00073129088556           N
    261845CLAM MEAT BABY 300-500CT 9080           10/1 LBPANAPESCA      20614583211186           N
    262234CLAM MEAT IQF CHOPPED SEA CLAM 9831     2/5 LBSEAWATCH       10079212008002           N
    262180CLAM STRIPS 4OZ BREADED AFB31           24/4 OZSEAWATCH       00079212012033           N
    262104CLAM STRIPS 4OZ BREADED 9209            24/4 OZPANAPESCA      20614583292093           N
    266275CLAMS BAKED STUFFED 2OZ NAT SHELL N531  36/2 OZSEAWATCH       10079212171157           N
    262222CLAMS CHOPPED SEA L.I. FROZEN D18L      4/5 LBLONG ISLAND    10086183073205           Y
    261832CLAMS IN SHELL 17-22CT VAC PAC 9017     10/1 LBPANAPESCA      20614583211124           N
    260675COD BATTERED WEDGE 2OZ RAW 10001951     1/10 LBICELAND        10073538019513           N
    263557COD BREADED RAW COUNTRY FRY OVEN READY  43/3.75OZICELANDIC      10073538016888           N
    267652COD LOIN 4OZ IQF RAW PACIFIC 8467       1/10 LBICY BAY        00073129082516           N
    266054COD 16-32OZ RAW FILLET FROZEN AT SEA    3/14 LBATLANTICA      10073129054626           Y
    267668COD 2OZ BEER BATTERED RAW SAM ADAMS     4/2.5 LBMRS. FRIDAYS   00041338786020           N
    267662COD 4OZ BEER BATTERED RAW SAM ADAMS     4/2.5 LBMRS. FRIDAYS   00041338786044           N
    246660COD 4OZ NATURAL BRD OVEN READY 25465    40/4 OZICY BAY        00073129254630           N
    266260CRAB CAKE 3OZ MARYLAND CRAB 4302        48/3 OZICELAND        10073538043020           N
    242095CRABMEAT CLAW BLUE CRAB INDONESIA       6/1 LBDAYBOAT                                 N
    264763CRABMEAT IMITATION SEA LEGS SUPREME     4/2.5 LBSEA LEGS       00079468120025           N
    269205CRABMEAT IMITATION 6614                 4/2.5 LBTRIDENT        00010887066143           N
    242081CRABMEAT JUMBO LUMP BLUE CRAB INDONESIA 6/1 LBDAYBOAT                                 N
    242094CRABMEAT SPECIAL BLUE CRAB INDONESIA    6/1 LBDAYBOAT                                 N
    242086CRABMEAT SUPER LUMP BLUE CRAB INDONESIA 6/1 LBDAYBOAT                                 N
    262806CUT RINGS AND TENTACLES                 12/2.5 LBFISHERMNS PRIDE046994293073             N
    263152FISH CAKES 2OZ 9141                     1/10 LBFISHERY PRODUCT10035493091416           N
    260508FISH STICK .8OZ BRD CKD OVENABLE CN     1/10 LBFISHERY PRODUCT10035493497607           N
    266002FLOUNDER TAVERN BATTERED 4OZ            4/2.5 LBMRS. FRIDAYS   00041338700941           N
    264804FLOUNDER/SOLE 4OZ BNLS SKNLS WILD       40/4 OZPACKER         00073129090337           N
    246180HADDOCK BEER BATTERED 6OZ 418450        1/10 LBPUBHOUSE GOLDEN00028029184501           N
    266212KRABBY CAKES 3OZ OVN RDY 073570         6/2.5 LBMRS. FRIDAYS   10070017735704           N
    246069LOBSTER MEAT BROKEN CK CLAW KNUCKLE CKD 6/2 LBPACKER                                  N
    246064LOBSTER MEAT CK CLAW & KNUCKLE DRY CKD  6/2 LBPACKER                                  N
    246067LOBSTER MEAT CKL CLAW & KNUCKLE LEG DRY 6/2 LBPACKER                                  N
    246071LOBSTER MEAT TCK TAIL CLAW KNUCKLE DRY  6/2 LBPACKER                                  N
    267000LOBSTER SENSATION 04610                 6/2 LBMRS. FRIDAY’S  10070017046107           N
    268022LOBSTER TAILS 10/12OZ WARM WATER        1/10# SPPACKER                                  N
    267510LOBSTER TAILS 4OZ COLD WATER            1/10 LBROCKY POINT                             N
    268065LOBSTER TAILS 5OZ WARM WATER            1/10 LBPACKER                                  N
    268020LOBSTER TAILS 8OZ WARM WATER            1/10# SPPACKER                                  N
    246998MAHI FILLET 4OZ BNLS SKNLS VAC PAC      1/10 LBPACKER                                  N
    246360MAHI 2-3OZ BNLS SKNLS IQF SOFMAHI23G5F  2/5 LBCOLORADO BOXED                          N
    246266MUSSELS WHOLE VAC PAC 23-29CT CULTIVATED10/1 LBVIAREGGIO                               N
    261979OCTOPUS SPANISH COOKED 2LEGS PER BAG    1/7 LBGULLO                                   N
    261974OCTOPUS 6-8LB PORTUGESE                 4/7 LBGULLO                                   Y
    246290OYSTERS ON HALF SHELL                   1/100 CTSOUTH BAY                               N
    246265OYSTERS ON HALF SHELL IQF               12/1 DZHILLMAN        10095231221451           N
    246506POLLOCK BEER BATTERED 2OZ 418445        1/10 LBPUBHOUSE GOLDEN00028029184457           N
    263530POLLOCK FLT POTATO CRNCH CKD 06533 KD   44/3.6 OZVIKING         00074638065335           N
    264514POLLOCK 2OZ WEDGE DUSTED 264514         3/10 LBNATHAN’S                                N
    246904RED SNAPPER 6-8OZ BNLS SKIN ON PORTION  1/10 LBKRIMSON        00073129105543           N
    269180SALMON POKE CUBES 775200000012   ****   6/1 LBGRIZZLY        10775200942708           N
    246115SALMON SMOKED SLICED 0418D OU           2/2.5 LBSUPERIOR GOLD                           N
    269070SALMON 4OZ ATLANTIC IQF VAC PAC SKINLESS40/4 OZICY BAY                                 N
    269085SALMON 4OZ SKNLS BNLS WILD KETA VAC PAC 40/4 OZICY BAY        00073129805016           N
    269092SALMON 6OZ WILD KETA SKNLS BNLS IQF VAC 27/6 OZOCEAN HORIZONS 10018687003280           N
    269050SALMON 8OZ ATLANTIC BNLS SKNLS          20/8 OZORCA BAY                                N
    260205SCALLOPS BAY 60-80CT                    2/5 LBOMEGA SEAS     10044105851515           N
    260260SCALLOPS SEA 10-20CT DRY IQF            2/5 LBOMEGA SEAS     10044105851379           N
    260301SCALLOPS SEA 20-30CT DRY IQF            2/5 LBOMEGA SEAS                              N
    266203SCALLOPS 30-40CT RAW BRD 15909          1/10 LBICY BAY        10073129158300           N
    261995SCUNGILLI CONCH CKD FRZ                 5/7 LBFISHRMN’S PRIDE30046994584684           Y
    266226SHRIMP BREADED POPCORN TAIL OFF 60/90CT 4/2.5 LBMRS. FRIDAYS   00041338191534           N
    266254SHRIMP BREADED 12-15 DEEP CUT           4/3 LBMRS. FRIDAYS   10070017591157           N
    266245SHRIMP BREADED 13-15CT COCONUT 3380081  4/3 LBALE HOUSE      011658800812             N
    246300SHRIMP BREADED 16-20 BUTTERFLY TAIL ON  4/3 LBPACKER         01211658800105           N
    246304SHRIMP BREADED 16-20 COCONUT BUTTERFLY  4/3 LBOCEAN HORIZONS 01211658800129           N
    266243SHRIMP BREADED 26/31 TAIL OFF           12/2.5 LBFED. FISHERIES                          N
    266242SHRIMP BREADED 35CT TAIL ON 8200050     10/1.13LBALE HOUSE      01111658820267           N
    246320SHRIMP BREADED 40/50CT TAIL ON POUCH    12/7 OZOCEAN HORIZONS 044105852249             N
    267013SHRIMP IN SHELL U-10 WHITE PANAMA WILD  10/5 LBPANAMA BAY     00608402008022           N
    267015SHRIMP IN SHELL U-12 WHITE PANAMA WILD  10/5 LBPANAMA BAY     00608402008039           N
    267017SHRIMP IN SHELL U-15 WHITE PANAMA WILD  10/5 LBPANAMA BAY     00608402008046           N
    267011SHRIMP IN SHELL U-8 WHITE PANAMA WILD   10/5 LBPANAMA BAY     00608402008015           N
    267055SHRIMP IN SHELL 13-15 ASIAN WHITE       6/4# SPAQUASTAR       10731149611655           N
    267057SHRIMP IN SHELL 16-20 ASIAN WHITE       6/4# SPPACKER         10074791796517           N
    267062SHRIMP IN SHELL 26-30 ASIAN WHITE       6/4# SPPACKER                                  N
    267400SHRIMP P&D U-15 RAW IQF TAIL ON WHITE AS1/10 LBOCEAN HORIZONS 044105850122             N
    267035SHRIMP P&D 16-20 CKD TAIL ON            5/2 LBPACKER                                  N
    267402SHRIMP P&D 16-20 RAW IQF TAIL ON WHITE  5/2 LBPACKER                                  N
    267086SHRIMP P&D 16-20 RAW TAIL OFF WHITE     5/2 LBPACKER                                  N
    267212SHRIMP P&D 21-25 RAW IQF TAIL ON WHITE  4/2.5 LBPACKER         10074791795442           N
    267406SHRIMP P&D 26-30 RAW TAIL OFF WHITE ASIA1/10 LBOCEAN HORIZONS                          N
    267500SHRIMP P&D 31-40 RAW IQF TAIL OFF       5/2 LBPACKER         10074791795763           N
    267180SHRIMP P&D 31-40 TAIL OF RAW IQF 010026910/2 LBPARADISE       02011658010875           N
    267088SHRIMP P&D 41-50 RAW TAIL OFF WHITE     5/2 LBOCEAN HORIZONS                          N
    267092SHRIMP P&D 51-60 RAW TAIL OFF WHITE     5/2 LBPACKER         10074791795817           N
    267399SHRIMP P&D 8-12 RAW IQF TAIL ON TIGER   1/10 LBPACKER                                  N
    246302SHRIMP 21-25CT BREADED BUTTERFLY TAIL ON4/3 LBBOCA SEA       01211858800112           N
    266471SHRIMP 250-350 CT CKD PLD COLDWATER     4/5 LBPACKER         00073129391960           N
    246336SHRIMP 26-30 BREADED BUTTERFLY TAIL ON  4/3 LBMRS. FRIDAYS   10041338590372           N
    246504SHRIMP 31-35CT BEER BATTERED GOLDEN ALE 1/10 LBPUBHOUSE GOLDEN00028029184532           N
    246452SHRIMP 31-35CT BEER BATTERED LAGER      2/5 LBHIGH LINER FOOD10073538261387           N
    265908SHRIMP 70-90CT TAIL OFF CKD             10/1 LBPACKER         081841653112             N
    262700SOLE STUFFED SCALLOP & CRAB  39207      32/5 OZFISHERY PRODUCT10035493392070           N
    264806SOLE 6OZ IQF BNLS SKNLS                 1/10 LBPACKER         10035493023059           N
    269240STEELHEAD FILET 3OZ SKNLS IQF 124144    1/10 LBPACIFIC SEAFOOD27241569981              N
    264850SWAI FILLET 3-5OZ STRIPED PANGASIUS     1/15#AVGPACKER         00073129082134           N
    264854SWAI FILLET 5-7OZ STRIPED PANGASIUS     1/15#AVGPACKER         00073129082141           N
    246890SWORDFISH 6OZ FILLET 1/4 MOON CO TREATED1/10 LBICY BAY        00073129208435           N
    246892SWORDFISH 8OZ FILLET BNLS SKN ON        20/8 OZPACKER         00073129208435           N
    264901TILAPIA FILLET 3-5OZ RAW VACPAC         1/10 LBPACKER                                  N
    264905TILAPIA FILLET 5-7OZ RAW VACPAC         1/10 LBPACKER                                  N
    264907TILAPIA 7-9OZ FILLET VAC PAC            1/10 LBPACKER         00073129128238           N
    265112TUNA AHI SAKU BLOCK 8OZ 19523           20/8 OZPHILLIPS       10070057195230           N
    265115TUNA AHI SAKU BLOCKS FRZ                20/12-14ZPACKER         00608402252221           N
    265113TUNA LOIN YELLOWFIN AHI AA FRZN         5/5.8LBARRIBA!        608402252012             N
    246889TUNA STEAK 10OZ AHI YELLOW FIN          1/10 LBPACKER         608402252135             N
    246875TUNA STEAK 4OZ AHI YELLOW FIN           40/4 OZPACKER         608402252104             N
    246880TUNA STEAK 6OZ AHI YELLOW FIN           1/10 LBPACKER         608402252111             N
    246883TUNA STEAK 8OZ AHI YELLOW FIN           1/10 LBPACKER         608402252128             N