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Blue is the New Green

Here at DiCarlo Distributors Inc. we have proven that DiCarlo Blue has environmental “Green” running through its veins. Over the past few years we have analyzed every part of our operation through a recycling and environmental preservation mindset. Here are some of the ways “Blue is the New Green”:

  • Participant of LIPA’s 2016 Commercial Efficiency Program
  • Replaced all Metal Halide lighting with fluorescent and LED lighting.  This lighting project enhancement will help decrease air pollution and environmental damage by the following amounts over the 23 year project life.

*Saving 3,923 acres of trees
*Removing 3,453 cars from the road
*Saving 1,764,964 gallons of gasoline.

  • Two Lantech Shrink Wrapping Machines – cutting plastic wrap usage by 35% per year. All plastic shrink wrap used on DiCarlo vehicles are returned to the warehouse for recycling.
  • Two- 3000PSI Balers to recycle all cardboard boxes, corrugated material and plastics.
  • Recycle all office paper and computer paper.
  • Recycle all plastic wrap and plastic pallets. We only use Grade A1 wooden pallets for shipping product.
  • Recycle and disposal of all aluminum cans, glass bottles and glass containers
  • Recycle all metal and metal composite materials
  • Recycle and proper disposal of fluorescent bulbs
  • Recycle all broken pallets and wood
  • Recycle all CRT Terminals and computer cabling
  • Recycle 24 and 36 volt industrial truck batteries
  • Reduced waste disposal by an average of seven (7) 30-yard dumpster a month
  • Rail deliveries which has reduced inbound truck traffic by 28%
  • Rechargeable batteries in all Radio Frequency (RF) warehouse equipment
  • Energy Management System for all battery chargers and refrigeration compressors off at peak demand hours unless compressors. This system reduces peak energy use by systematically shutting down battery chargers when refrigeration unit compressor demand increases, in order to maintain proper temperatures.
  • Member of the New York State Energy Demand Response Program (EDRP) for load reduction by using our 1,200KW back up generator to supply power to the grid.
  • In 2013- Implemented the Blue Pod (Proof of Delivery) System.  This scanning and print-on-the-spot system will save almost 5 tons of paper a year.
  • A schedule to reduce waste for CY 2013 by over 300 tons!

All of the above recycling initiatives have saved TONS of waste from ending up in land fills in the area. We believe that this only the tip of the iceberg at DiCarlo!