Food Safety

DiCarlo Distributors Inc. (DiCarlo) has developed a Food Safety Plan that starts with the principles of a solid HACCP plan to properly identify and control potential hazards significant for food safety in the storage and distribution segment of the food chain.

The goal of the plan is to prevent a food safety concern through strong preventive controls in GDPs, HACCP, Sanitation, Allergens, Maintenance, Approved Supplier Program and Food Security. Process controls are in place to monitor and avoid reaching critical control points. A validated Recall program is in place to manage and communicate a food safety concern with any of our products.

The DiCarlo Food Safety Plan is maintained and integrated into daily procedures by our Management Team with the proactive support of several HACCP-Certified staff members and our Preventive Controls Qualified Individuals. All employees are trained as new hires and then receive continuous Food Safety retraining to ensure everyone on staff understands their role in keeping delivering safe food to our customers.