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DiCarlo Goes Solar

The summer of 2013, DiCarlo Food Service installed a 902.77kw solar panel system, consisting of 3058, 295-watt solar panels on the roof of our facility, exemplifying our commitment to environmental health and sustainability.

The sun produces vast amounts of energy; enough in a single minute to meet the world’s energy needs for an entire year.  Solar energy is the most abundant energy resource on earth.  A solar energy system allows us to capture free sunlight and convert it into usable power.  The sun’s ultra-violet rays make it to solar panels even on cloudy days making our solar initiative cost-effective as well as a compassionate investment.

By installing solar panels on our roof, DiCarlo is accomplishing two very important steps on the route to a cleaner planet:

  1. Conservation of non-renewable resources, such as oil, natural gas and coal.
  2. Reducing and eliminating contributors to air pollution.  Our project will result in 807 metric tons of CO2 emissions reduction per year.

We have made many improvements to be “GREEN” in recent years, but this solar project far outweighs all the others combined.  Just another reason why “DICARLO BLUE IS THE NEW GREEN,”

Monitor our Solar Panels in Real Time.