ItemDescriptionPack / SizeBrandGTIN / UPCB/C
       110ALFALFA SPROUTS CUPS                    1/12 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1565APPLE SLICES INDIV WRAP 50CT            50/2 OZNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      2075APPLES FUJI 80-100CT                    1/100CTPACKER                                  N
      1260APPLES GALA 80-100CT                    1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1243APPLES GOLDEN DELICIOUS 100CT           1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1244APPLES GOLDEN DELICIOUS 20CT BOX        1/20 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1241APPLES GOLDEN DELICIOUS 80CT            1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1234APPLES GRANNY SMITH 100CT               1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1233APPLES GRANNY SMITH 20CT                1/20 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1232APPLES GRANNY SMITH 80CT                1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1266APPLES MACINTOSH 120CT                  1/120 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1261APPLES MACINTOSH 80CT                   1/80 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1258APPLES RED           125CT              1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1255APPLES RED DELICIOUS 100CT              1/100 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1253APPLES RED DELICIOUS 20CT               1/20 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1252APPLES RED DELICIOUS 80-88CT            1/80 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1274APPLES ROME 56-72CT                     1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1286APRICOTS   FRESH  APPROX.10LB           1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM1                        N
       129ARTICHOKE JUMBO 12CT                    1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       168ARTICHOKES LARGE LOOSE 72CT-100CT       1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       167ARTICHOKES 48CT                         1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       134ARUGULA BABY                            1/3 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM99999999999              N
       142ASPARAGUS JUMBO                         1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       143ASPARAGUS LARGE                         1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       140ASPARAGUS MEDIUM 11LB                   1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       139ASPARAGUS PENCIL 11LB                   1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1292AVOCADOS #2 40-70CT RIPE                1/CASEPACKER                                  N
      1293AVOCADOS “GREEN” HASS APPRX. 40-60CT    1/BOXPACKER                                  N
      1376AVOCADOS 48CT GREEN                     1/BOXPACKER                                  N
      1288AVOCADOS 8CT                            1/8 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1305BANANAS COOKER GREEN UNGASSED           1/40 LBPACKER                                  N
      1299BANANAS GREEN                           1/40 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1300BANANAS ON THE TURN FULL CASE           1/40 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1301BANANAS RIPE FULL CASE                  1/40 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1298BANANAS 10LB BOX                        1/10 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       150BASIL FRESH 18 BUNCHES                  1/1 BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       796BASIL KILO 2.2LB                        1/2.2 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       764BASIL 1LB                               1/LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       768BASIL 8OZ                               1/8 OZNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1995BATATA                                  1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       152BEAN SPROUTS MUNG                       1/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       159BEANS GREEN CLIPPED CLEAN FRESH         2/5 LBGREENLINE      1                        N
       154BEANS GREEN FRESH APPROX 27/30LB        1/BUSHELNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       157BEANS HARICOT VERT FRENCH               1/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       160BEETS FRESH LOOSE                       1/20 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       163BEETS GOLDEN LOOSE                      1/BAGNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1308BLACKBERRIES FRESH                      12/CTNNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1732BLOOD ORANGE SMALL BOX                  1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1310BLUEBERRIES                             12/6 OZNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1311BLUEBERRIES 4CT BOX                     4/CTNRNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       165BOK CHOY APPROX 30LB                    1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       216BOK CHOY BABY SMALL BOX                 1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       179BROCCOLI CROWNS APPROX 20LB **ICE**     1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1000BROCCOLI FLORETS                        6/3LB BGNORTHSHIRE FARM                         Y
      9000BROCCOLI FLORETS 4/3LB                  4/3LB BGNORTHSHIRE FARM                         Y
       180BROCCOLI FRESH 14CT **ICE**             1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       181BROCCOLI FRESH 3CT BOX                  1/3 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1006BROCCOLI MINI FLORETS                   4/3 LBPACKER                                  N
       185BROCCOLINI/ASPIRATION                   1/8 LBMANN PACKING                            N
       187BRUSSELS SPROUTS BULK **ICE**           1/25 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM1                        N
       186BRUSSELS SPROUTS FRESH APPROX 9 CUPS    1/7 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      2024BUTTERNUT PEELED 2/10LB                 2/10LBPACKER                                  N
       202CABBAGE GREEN APPROX 10-20CT AVE        1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       209CABBAGE GREEN 2 HEAD BAG                1/2 HEADNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       199CABBAGE NAPPA                           1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       204CABBAGE RED                             1/50 LBCHURCH                                  N
       995CABBAGE RED SHREDDED 4/5LB              4/5 LBTAYLOR FARMS   99999999999              Y
       203CABBAGE RED 2 HEAD BOX                  1/2 HEADNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       206CABBAGE SAVOY APPROX. 24CT              1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1335CANTALOUPE 3CT                          1/3 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1334CANTALOUPE 9-15CT                       18/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1027CARROTINI PEELED SLIM                   4/5 LBTAYLOR FARMS                            N
       217CARROTS BABY PEELED 4/5LB               4/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       223CARROTS BABY PEELED 5LB **EACH**        1/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       214CARROTS LOOSE APPROX 50LB               1/50 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       215CARROTS LOOSE 5LB                       1/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       211CARROTS MINI PEELED W/TOP               1/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM1                        N
       218CARROTS MINI PEELED 30/1LB BAGS         30/1 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1022CARROTS SHREDDED 4/5LB                  4/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         Y
       221CAULIFLOWER CELLO 3CT BOX               1/3 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       222CAULIFLOWER RICED 2/5LB FRESH           2/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       227CAULIFLOWER TRI-COLOR CARNIVAL          1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       220CAULIFLOWER 9-12CT                      1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1220CAULIFLOWER-PURPLE                      1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       234CELERY APPROX 24-30CT                   1/24 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       235CELERY CALF 6CT                         1/6 CTCHURCH                                  N
      1004CELERY CHOPPED 3/8″                     2/5LB BGNORTHSHIRE FARM70601                    N
      1304CELERY DICED 1/4″                       4/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         Y
      1036CELERY STICKS RANDOM 70619              4/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM70619                    N
      1025CELERY STICKS 10LB                      2/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       258CELERY 1/2 CASE 15CT BOX                1/15 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       260CHICORY                                 1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       376CHIOGGA (CANDY CANE) BEETS              1/25 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       760CHIVES KILO 2.2LB                       1/KILONORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       591CHIVES 1LB                              1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       782CILANTRO BUNCH 8OZ 3CT BAG              1/3 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       794CILANTRO FRESH *ICE*                    1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       707CILANTRO KILO                           1/CASEPACKER         99999999999999           N
       332CILANTRO WASHED & CLEANED               4/1 LBTAYLOR FARMS                            N
       337CILANTRO WASHED/CLEANED *EACH*          1/1 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       706CILANTRO 6CT 1LB                        1/6 CTPACKER         99999999999999           N
      1333CLEMENTINES 3LB BAG                     1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       270COLLARD GREENS *ICE*                    1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       274CORN ON THE COB FRESH 40-48CT           1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       278CUCUMBERS KIRBY SMALL 50 LB.            1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       283CUCUMBERS LONG SEEDLESS APPROX 10-12CT  1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       279CUCUMBERS SELECT                        1/50 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       280CUCUMBERS 12CT                          1/12 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       284CUCUMBERS 24CT                          1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       282CUCUMBERS 5LB                           1/5 LBPACKER                                  N
      1706CULANTRO                                1/BAGNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      3008DAIKON CRESS                            1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       300DAIKON RADISH APPROX. 25LB              1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       315DANDELION FRESH APPROX.15LB             1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1391DATES PITTED 24/10OZ                    115/LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       310DILL FRESH                              24/BCHSNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       311DILL FRESH 8OZ                          1/8 OZNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       637DRIED CHILI DE ARBOL                    1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       320EGGPLANT APPROX 18CT-36CT               1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       322EGGPLANT 3CT BOX                        1/3 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       330ENDIVE BELGIAN APPROX 24CT              1/10 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       334ESCAROLE APPROX 16CT                    1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       336ESCAROLE WASHED & CHOPPED RTU           4/2.5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       340FENNEL FRESH ANISE APPROX. 24CT.        1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       341FENNEL FRESH 3CT BOX                    1/3 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      2351GARLIC FRESH CHOPPED NO PRESERVATIVE    1/5 LBCHRIS RANCH                             N
       351GARLIC FRESH 24-30LB                    1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       350GARLIC FRESH 5LB BOX                    1/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       352GARLIC PEELED CASE CHRISTOPHER RANCH    4/1 GALCHRIS RANCH                             N
       357GARLIC WHOLE PEELED FULL CASE           4/1 GALNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       353GARLIC WHOLE PEELED GALLON              1/1 GALNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       342GINGER FRESH 30LB                       1/30 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM99999999999              N
       355GINGER FRESH 5LB BAG                    1/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1432GRAPEFRUIT RED 27CT                     1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1414GRAPEFRUIT RED 32CT                     1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1433GRAPEFRUIT RED 40CT                     1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1416GRAPEFRUIT RED 48-56CT                  1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1415GRAPEFRUIT 6CT BOX                      1/6 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1462GRAPES GREEN SEEDLESS APPROX 16-23LB    1/LUGNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1463GRAPES GREEN SEEDLESS 5LB BAG           1/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1472GRAPES RED SEEDLESS APPROX 16-23LB      1/LUGNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1473GRAPES RED SEEDLESS 5LB BAG             1/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       476GREEN LEAF FILLETS CLEANED & CORED      2/5 LBCHURCH                                  N
      1837GREEN MANGO (HAITIAN)                   1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1506HONEYDEW MELON 5-6CT                    1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1505HONEYDEW MELON 5CT                      1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1508HONEYDEW 2CT BOX                        1/2 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1803HORSERADISH FRESH 5#                    5/LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1847JALAPENOS CRATE BIG BOX VOLUME FILLED   1/29 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       365JICAMA FRESH                            1/20LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       842KALE BABY                               1/3 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM73401                    N
       370KALE GREEN FRESH *ICE*                  1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      2842KALE SALAD BLEND KALE,GRN CAB,RED CAB   5/2 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1055KALE SHREDDED          5/2LB            5/2 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       375KALE WASHED & CHOPPED 6/2LB             6/2 LBTAYLOR FARMS                            N
     S2027KALE WASHED TUSCAN                      3/1 LBPACKER                                  N
      1550KIWI FRUIT APPROX 30-40CT               1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       146KOHLRABI **ICE**                        1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      2300KOREAN DAIKON RADISH (MU)               1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       410LEEKS FRESH *ICE*                       1/12 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       767LEMON THYME                             1/LBNORTHSHIRE FARM99999999999              N
      1620LEMONS APROX. 200CT                     1/BOXPACKER                                  N
      1612LEMONS CALIFORNIA 95 CT                 1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1621LEMONS SPLIT 70CT                       1/70 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1610LEMONS 115CT                            1/BOXPACKER         99999999999              N
      1616LEMONS 140CT                            1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1618LEMONS 165 CT                           1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1617LEMONS 24CT                             1/24 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       474LETTUCE BABY                            1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       170LETTUCE BIB HYDRO                       1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       174LETTUCE BOSTON 18CT                     1/CASEFRESH                                   N
      1012LETTUCE CHOPPED                         4/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         Y
       415LETTUCE FRISEE                          1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       470LETTUCE GREEN LEAF APPROX 24            1/CRATECHURCH                                  N
       681LETTUCE HERITAGE BLEND TUSCAN 4/3LB     4/3 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       465LETTUCE ICEBERG WRAPPED                 1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       412LETTUCE ICEBERG 12CT BOX                1/12 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       424LETTUCE ICEBERG 24CT                    1/24 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       420LETTUCE MACHE APPROX.24CT               1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       422LETTUCE MESCLUN SPRING MIX              1/3 LBCHURCH                                  N
       472LETTUCE RED LEAF APPROX 24CT            1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       423LETTUCE ROMAINE                         1/24 CTCHURCH                                  N
       723LETTUCE ROMAINE 12CT BOX                1/12 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       721LETTUCE ROMAINE 3CT BAG                 1/3 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1010LETTUCE SHRED 1/4 4/5LB C/R15000        4/5LB BGFRESHWAY                                N
      1008LETTUCE SHREDDED                        4/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM10004538810280           N
      1657LIMES 12CT                              1/12 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1654LIMES 40LB BOX 150-200CT                1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1656LIMES 48CT-63CT                         1/54 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1994MALANGA ROOT                            1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1660MANGOES 6-12CT                          1/FLATNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       416MICRO GREENS RAINBOW CLAMSHELL          1/8 OZNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       498MINI GREEN SQUASH                       1/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       801MINT KILO 2.2LB                         1/KILONORTHSHIRE FARM99999999999              N
      1049MINT 8OZ 3CT                            1/8 OZNORTHSHIRE FARM2016915120               N
       522MUSHROOMS BUTTON APPROX 10LB            1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       518MUSHROOMS CRIMINI APPROX 5LB            1/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       524MUSHROOMS FANCY-MED 3LB BASKET          1/BASKETNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       532MUSHROOMS FOODSERVICE 1/10LB            1/10 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       520MUSHROOMS LARGE SPECIAL APPROX 10LB     1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       523MUSHROOMS MEDIUM                        1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       516MUSHROOMS OYSTER APPROX 5LB FRESH       1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       525MUSHROOMS PORTABELLO APPROX 5LB         1/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       527MUSHROOMS SHIITAKE    APPROX 2/3LB      1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       533MUSHROOMS SILVER DOLLAR                 1/10 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM9999999999               N
       514MUSHROOMS SLICED 2/5LB FULL CASE        2/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1702NECTARINES VOLUME FILL 60/64 SIZE       1/25 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM999999999999             N
       560ONIONS COLOSSAL                         1/50 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      2047ONIONS DICED YELLOW 1/4″                2/5 LBPACKER                                  N
       597ONIONS PEARL PEELED                     1/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       570ONIONS RED APPROX 25LB                  1/BAGNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       578ONIONS RED JUMBO                        1/25 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       596ONIONS RED PEARL                        1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       571ONIONS RED 5LB BOX                      1/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       580ONIONS SPANISH APPROX 50LB              1/BAGNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       581ONIONS SPANISH 5LB BOX                  1/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       585ONIONS VIDALIA SWEET APPROX 40LB        1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       668ONIONS WHOLE PEELED RED 2/10LB          2/10 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       663ONIONS WHOLE PEELED YELLOW 2/10LB       2/10 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM75027                    N
      1024ONIONS YELLOW DICED 10# 3/8″            2/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      2051ORANGE SECTIONS                         1/8 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1724ORANGES FANCY 56CT                      1/56 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1728ORANGES FANCY 88CT                      1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1729ORANGES 1/2 CASE 44CT                   1/44 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1766ORANGES 100-140CT FOR JUICE             1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1730ORANGES 113CT                           1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1733ORANGES 12CT BOX                        1/12 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1726ORANGES 72CT                            1/BOXSUNKIST                                 N
       789OREGANO FRESH 1LB                       1/1 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       758OREGANO KILO 2.2LB                      1/KILONORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1802PAPAYA GREEN (COOKING)                  1/25 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1800PAPAYAS 8-11CT                          1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       600PARSLEY CURLY APPROX 60CT **ICE**       1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1035PARSLEY CURLY WASHED & CLEANED          4/1 LBTAYLOR FARMS                            Y
      1033PARSLEY CURLY WASHED/CLEANED *EACH*     1/1 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       601PARSLEY CURLY 6CT BOX                   1/6 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       602PARSLEY ITALIAN APPROX 30-48CT **ICE**  1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       603PARSLEY ITALIAN 1LB 6CT BG              1/6 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       608PARSNIPS                                1/20 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       436PCK ZZZ LETTUCE SHREDDED                4/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1826PEACHES LOOSE VOLUME FILL               1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1829PEACHES TRAY PACK 2 LAYER               1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1842PEARS BARTLETT 80-120CT                 1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1850PEARS CACTUS                            1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1845PEARS D’ANJOU 22CT BOX                  1/22 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1841PEARS D’ANJOU 80-100CT                  1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       622PEPPERS GREEN                           1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1017PEPPERS GREEN JULIENNE 73012            4/4 LBFRESHWAY       73012                    N
       626PEPPERS GREEN MIXED 5LB BOX             1/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       621PEPPERS GREEN 5LB BOX                   1/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       635PEPPERS JALAPENO 1LB BOX                1/1 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM9999999999               N
       618PEPPERS JALAPENO 10LB BOX               1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       611PEPPERS JALAPENO 5LB BOX                1/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       624PEPPERS MIXED/SUNTAN                    1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       633PEPPERS POBLANO BUSHEL                  1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       643PEPPERS POBLANO 10LB                    1/10 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       630PEPPERS RED APROX 25LB                  1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       201PEPPERS RED FRESNO                      1/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1014PEPPERS RED JULIENNE 73205              4/4 LBPACKER         10740004732053           N
       628PEPPERS RED 15LB                        1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       627PEPPERS RED 5LB                         1/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       629PEPPERS YELLOW HOLLAND 11LB             1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       625PEPPERS YELLOW 2LB BOX                  1/2 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      9862PICO DE GALLO 4/5# FRESH                4/5 LBPACKER                                  N
      1868PINEAPPLES GOLDEN 5-8CT                 1/CASEPACKER                                  N
      1860PINEAPPLES 3CT                          1/3 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1870PLANTAINS GREEN APPROX. 40LB            1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1869PLANTAINS ON TURN/RIPE APP. 40LB        1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       840PLUM TOMATOES SAUCE                     1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1880PLUMS LOOSE RED 45-55 SIZE              1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       539PORTABELLINI                            1/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       537PORTABELLO CAP SIZE 4 1/2″ 10-12CT      1/3 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       654POTATOES BAKING 100CT IDAHO             1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       631POTATOES BAKING 12CT BOX                1/12 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       640POTATOES BAKING 40CT IDAHO              1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       650POTATOES BAKING 50CT IDAHO              1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       651POTATOES BAKING 70CT IDAHO              1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1653POTATOES BAKING 80CT GPOD               1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       652POTATOES BAKING 80CT IDAHO              1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      2653POTATOES BAKING 90CT GPOD               1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       653POTATOES BAKING 90CT IDAHO              1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       634POTATOES CHEF                           1/50 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       679POTATOES CREAMERS RED “C”               1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       657POTATOES IDAHO 12OZ #1 BAKERS           1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       691POTATOES IDAHO 6-10OZ #2                1/50 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       687POTATOES IDAHO 60CT                     1/50 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       676POTATOES RED “A” LARGE                  1/50 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       678POTATOES RED “B” SMALL                  1/50 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       693POTATOES RED A BOX                      1/50 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       675POTATOES RED B 5LB BAG                  1/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       655POTATOES STEAKHOUSE SWEET               1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       682POTATOES SWEET JUMBO                    1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       680POTATOES SWEET MEDIUM                   1/40 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1680POTATOES SWEET STEAKHOUSE               1/40 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       684POTATOES SWEET 10LB BOX                 1/10 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       379POTATOES TRI COLOR FINGERLING 10LB      1/10 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM99999999999              N
       378POTATOES TRI COLOR FINGERLING 50LB      1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM99999999999              N
       685POTATOES WHITE C CREAMERS               1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       659POTATOES YUKON GOLD “A” LARGE YELLOW    1/50 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       692POTATOES YUKON GOLD “B” SMALL           1/50 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM99999999999              N
       690POTATOES YUKON GOLD C                   1/50 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       683POTATOS FINGERLING 10LB                 1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1897PUMPKINS EACH MEDIUMS APPROX 10-12LB    1/EACHNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1895PUMPKINS MINI APPROX. 30-45CT           1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       329RADICCHIO TREVISANO                     1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       708RADICCHIO 8-9CT                         1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       700RADISHES CELLO 30/ 6OZ                  1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       701RADISHES CELLO 6CT                      1/6 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       703RADISHES W/TOPS 24CT                    1/CASEPACKER                                  N
      2005RAINBOW BLEND GREEN B, CARROT, WAX BEAN 2/5 LBPACKER                                  Y
      1920RASPBERRIES FRESH                       12/CTNRNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1834RED PEARS 40CT                          1/40 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       266RED SWISS CHARD *ICE*                   1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1021ROMAINE CHOPPED 1″ CUT                  6/2 LBPACKER         74001                    N
       730ROMAINE FILETS 2/5#                     2/5 LBCHURCH                                  N
       718ROMAINE HEARTS 12/3CT CELLO             1/36HEADPACKER                                  N
       722ROMAINE HEARTS 48CT LOOSE               1/48HEADPACKER                                  N
       720ROMAINE LETTUCE 24CT                    1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1028ROMAINE SHREDDED                        6/2 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM74022                    N
       795ROSEMARY KILO 2.2LB                     1/KILONORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       672ROSEMARY 4OZ                            1/4 OZNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
 RTVPOTATORTV POTATOES WALKER 12/13               1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       793S/0 BAY LEAVES FRESH 4OZ                1/4 OZNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       519S/0 MUSHROOMS PORCINI DRIED             1/LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       529S/0 PORCINI DUST                        1/1 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       798SAGE KILO 2.2LB                         1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM999999999999             N
      1029SALAD 50/50                             4/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         Y
       728SCALLIONS WASHED & TRIMMED              4/2 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         Y
       741SCALLIONS 6 BUNCH BOX                   1/6 CTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       745SHALLOTS WHOLE PEELED 1/GAL             1/GALNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      3016SHISO GREEN                             1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       612SNOW PEAS FRESH  APPROX 10LB            1/10 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       757SPINACH BABY                            1/3 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       754SPINACH BUNCH FLAT CALIFORNIA           1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       752SPINACH CELLO                           1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       756SPINACH WASHED & CLIPPED 4/2.5LB        4/BAGCLASSIC SALADS                          N
       770SQUASH ACORN APPROX.30LB                1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       772SQUASH BUTTERNUT APPROX 30LB            1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      2023SQUASH BUTTERNUT PEELED/HALVED 20LB     4/5 LBPACKER                                  N
       771SQUASH SPAGHETTI APPROX 32-37LB         1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       774SQUASH YELLOW APPROX 18LB               1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       775SQUASH YELLOW 5LB BOX                   1/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       779SQUASH ZUCCHINI GREEN 5LB BOX           1/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1900STAR FRUIT 18 CT. AVG.                  1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1892STORAGE PALLET AVOCADO (80CS)           1/PALLETNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      2012STRAWBERRIES                            8/1LBFRESHWAY       75004                    N
      1924STRAWBERRIES DRISCOLL                   1/FLATDRISCOLL                                N
      1922STRAWBERRIES FRESH 8/1LB OR 4/2LB       1/FLATPACKER                                  N
      1871SUGAR CANE BUNDLE                       1/BUNDLEDFS                                     N
       615SUGAR SNAP PEAS APPROX. 10LB            1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       265SWISS CHARD GREEN *ICE*                 1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1474TARRAGON FRESH KILO                     1/KILONORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       780TARRAGON FRESH 4OZ                      1/4 OZNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       797THYME KILO 2.2LB                        1/KILONORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1005THYME 4OZ                               1/4 OZNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       885TOMATILLO APPROX 10LB                   1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM1                        N
      1254TOMATILLOS CRATE BIG BOX                1/35 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       850TOMATOES CHERRY CASE                    12/1 PINTNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       866TOMATOES FRESH DICED 1/4″ 4/5LB         4/5 LBPACKER                                  N
       862TOMATOES GRAPE                          1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       859TOMATOES HOT HOUSE 22/25CT TRAY         1/15 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       841TOMATOES ON VINE                        1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       856TOMATOES PEAR SHAPE YELLOW SMALL        1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       812TOMATOES ROMA                           1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       884TOMATOES ROMA/PLUM APPROX 25LB          1/25 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       857TOMATOES YELLOW CHERRY                  1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       844TOMATOES 4X4 BEEFSTEAK APPROX 15LB      1/15 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       839TOMATOES 4X5 PREMIUM 2 LAYER 20LB       1/20 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM99999999999              N
       810TOMATOES 4X5 2 LAYER 20LB TGIF          1/20 LBPACKER                                  N
       861TOMATOES 5LB                            1/5 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       849TOMATOES 5X5 FRESH 25LB C/R15200        1/25 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       847TOMATOES 5X6 25LB BULK                  1/25LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       845TOMATOES 6X6 25LB BULK                  1/BOXLIPMAN                                  N
       358TUMERIC FRESH 10LB                      1/10 LBPACKER                                  N
       894TURNIP GREENS APPROX.20LB               1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM1                        N
       892TURNIPS WHITE APPROX 25LB               1/BAGNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       890TURNIPS YELLOW/WAXED-RUTABAGAS          1/50 LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1817VERED                                   125LBNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       920WATERCRESS APPROX.25 BUNCHES **ICE**    1/BOXNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      1991WATERMELON SEEDLESS APPROX 10LB AVE     1/ONLYNORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
      2016WHOLE PEELED SWEET POTATOES             4/5 LBPACKER                                  N
      1659WHOLE PEELED YUKON GOLD POTATOES FRESH  1/20 LBPACKER                                  N
      1998YUCCA FRESH                             1/CASENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N
       776ZUCCHINI GREEN APPROX 18LB              1/CRATENORTHSHIRE FARM                         N